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   "Isy Aweigh" blogs

On science and medicine, in plain English (yes, it is possible):
Biowizardry: Cauterizing the Bleeding Edge, the informative blog

On living as delightfully as possible despite CRPS:
Life, CRPS and Everything: Living Constructively Anyway, the fun and occasionally inspiring blog

Blog posts that get crosslinked and referred to most include...


This style is clear and direct, except when that interferes with getting the point across:

Living Anyway

This is where I informally work things out, while pointing a finger at my life and laughing:

   Projects/Standalone work

For those of you dealing with serious or chronic illness, consider the value of creating good documentation. It's not that hard, especially with a jump start:

CRPS: Art & Spirit [website in development] focuses on what really works for us, at every stage of disease... most notably, creativity and a strong inward life. We aim to showcase the art, performance, and writing of our amazing CRPS compatriots; drive attention and funding to truly effective care; and ultimately contribute to the cure.

For those of you who think you've given up on writing as something creative, useful and fun, try this instead:

  • Writing Like Yourself: re-learning how to write intentionally, manage your inner critic, salve your spirit, leave writer's block behind, and maybe save the world while you're at it. Why not?
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